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At least you know you can still grab a drink from a Juicero pack should the machine ever break down.

It probably looks kinda cool sitting there on your kitchen counter, but the Juicero may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

The high-tech juicer had Silicon Valley investors drooling with delight when they first set eyes on it in 2016, though its wallet-busting launch price of $700 left many consumers opting to stick with their regular order of Tropicana.

A cut to $400 this year, however, prompted renewed interest among fresh-juice fans and helped to boost sales of the machine, which squeezes fruit (or veg) mulch from a pack into a cup for a healthy eight-ounce drink.

Well, it turns out you can squeeze the juice out of the pack using your bare hands in the same time as it takes the pack-pressing Juicero.

While Juicero founder Doug Evans has declared that the juice press is capable of four tons of force — “enough to lift two Teslas,” he said — reporters from Bloomberg recently managed to extract the juice by squeezing the packs using only their hands.

“Hands did the job quicker, but the device was slightly more thorough,” the report said. “Reporters were able to wring 7.5 ounces of juice in a minute and a half. The machine yielded 8 ounces in about two minutes.”

Juicero’s specially designed juice packs cost between $5 and $8, and you can only purchase them if you have the machine.

The startup has so far declined to comment on Bloomberg’s report, though a person “close to the company” told the news outlet that the machine is mess-free, whereas using your hands might not be. Also, the Juicero machine automatically checks via a barcode on the pack that its contents are still fresh, although a date is also printed on the back if you want to check for yourself.

The news that the Juicero may in fact be little more than a pricey piece of counter candy comes in the same week that the startup expanded sales of the device from 3 states to 17. But at least owners now know that they can still grab a drink from a Juicero pack should their machine ever stop working.

If you have one, how do you feel about the fact that your bare hands are just as effective as the $400 Juicero when it comes to pumping the juicy mulch out of the pack?

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