Just weeks after the company launched a new series of phones in India, Xiaomi has said that it is bringing another completely new device on November 2 to India. This new phone,Xiaomi calls it the beginning of a new series in India, is going to focused on bringing to users great selfie camera, hints Xiaomi. For now there are no indications which is this mystery Xiaomi phone. But chances are that it is the Mi Note 3, which was launched in China in September.  

For now the only two bits are confirmed: One, the new Xiaomi phone will launch on November 2. Two, this Xiaomi phone will be selfie-centric. Although the selfie-centric part may not tell the full story because chances are that this is a high-end Xiaomi Mi phone, most likely the Mi Note 3. 

We can deduce this much from the fact that Xiaomi calls the new launch beginning of new series in India. Currently, Xiaomi sells three series of phones in India. One is the Redmi series. Second is the Mi Mix series, which started in India just weeks ago with the launch of the Mi Mix 2. Third is the Mi A1 series, which you can say is going to be made up of the phones powered by the Android One. The new one looks to be the Mi Note series, which should be arriving with the launch of the Mi Note 3.

Officially, not much is known about this mysterious new device. The company says that it will be launching a brand new series in India, but the details regarding the product are too few as of now. One teaser shows a fast-charging icon, which suggests that the device will support the feature. Another tweet by Manu Kumar Jain, Managing Director of Xiaomi India, has the hashtag #YourBestSelfie with a caption reading, “Brace yourself, the best selfie smartphone is coming soon!”.


But yet again, connect the dots and you can see that this mystery phone is in all likelihood the Mi Note 3. This phone was launched in China in the forst half of September and it comes with a camera that is arguably the most adapt front camera in any Xiaomi phone right now. The Mi Note 3 uses a 16-megapixel front camera. The image sensor used in this front camera has large 2um pixels. It also comes with several unique AI-based software features that reportedly offer consumers ability to click better and more striking selfies. 

Finally, there is the price. Currently, Xiaomi’s product lineup has a hole. It has the high-end Mi Mix 2 selling at a price of Rs 35,999 . After this, you suddenly end up with the Mi Max 2, which sells for around Rs 15,000 or the Xiaomi Mi A1, which too has the similar price. There is no product in between. When the Mi Note 3 was launched in China, it debuted at a starting price of RMB 2499 (around Rs 24,999). If this is indeed the price point that Xiaomi keeps for the Note 3, it will fit into the company’s product line-up perfectly. 

The Mi Note 3, to recap , is a high-end phone with fairly good hardware. Apart from clicking selfies, its front camera can also be used for face ID feature, letting users unlock the phone just by looking at it. The Mi Note 3 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor, has 6GB RAM and a 5.5-inch FullHD display. The phone also has a dual-camera setup on the rear with 12-megapixel main image sensor.    

Xiaomi has already launched two new series in the span of two months with the Mi A1 Android One smartphone having launched in September and the bezel-less Mi Mix 2 having launched earlier this month. As of now it’s still early to know how well the two smartphones have been received in India but their launch has suggested that the company is willing to take risks by launching specific models in the country. The Mi A1 highlights a stock Android experience minus the MIUI, while the Mi Mix 2 sports an edge-to-edge display and is the company’s most premium offering in India.

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The Indian market has proved to be a staggering success for the company as it regularly sets record breaking numbers. On Wednesday, Jain tweeted that the company sold over 4 million smartphones in India between September 20 and October 19. The brand was number one on Amazon and Flipkart during their respective festive season sales. The numbers include over 1 million units the company sold on its own Mi.com site. The company has particularly found success in its budget smartphones like the Redmi 4A and Redmi Note 4 to name a few.

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