Wings Lifestyle introduces the Wings Arc earphones to the Indian audience. Rarely is an electronic accessory a fashion accessory too, the Wings Arc earphones are an exception, however. Wings Lifestyles, Wings Arc earphones provide not only rich acoustic experience but also enhance a person’s appearance as they rest on their nape. The earphones come in 4 colours black, red, blue, and pink making them ideal for music lovers who want earphones with an added dimension of style. The Wings Arc earphones can be worn when listening to music or even when not because their highly aesthetic design makes them an enviable fashion accessory. 

Unlike regular earphones, the Wings Arc is designed to accompany people throughout the day whether listening to music or not. The earphones rest on the nape and when they aren’t plugged in, users are alerted of incoming calls by a gentle vibration on the neck. The magnetised earphones, when not plugged in join together to create an attractive necklace around the neck. When worn the earphones control panel rests on the left and can be used to perform all necessary functions. The earphones are ideal for millennials who lead active lifestyles, are always on the go, and style conscious. They are meant to be worn all day whether at work, gym, or travelling and can be purchased from Amazon, Flipkart, or Myntra.

Nishit Sharma , Founder of Wings Lifestyle said “I’m excited to reveal details about this product to a wide audience. The Wings Arc is the perfect earphone for music lovers who are also conscious of the need to look their best. I’m thrilled that the Wings Arc is a part of our product stable because it’s much more than an accessory; it’s an expression of style advertising individuality and substance to the world. Certainly, the quality of music heard using the Wings Arc is unbeatable and because music lovers in India love base, I’m confident they’ll fall in love with the Wings Arc as well.”

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