Brief Introdution   All in one pc,all in one computer All in One PC is usually composed of a monitor, a keyboard,a mouse and a computer component. It is integrated with chipsets,motherboard and monitor, and the display is one computer,so long as we can use it as one computer if you connect the keyboard and mouse to the monitor.With the development of wireless technology, now some in the high-end pc keyboard, mouse and monitor can be linked by wireless, the machine is only with a power cord. This solves the cable problems in numerous and complex criticized in desktop.  

 Features   “Simple, stylish, practical ” should be the original design conceptone for all in one pc, but also its continued-intensive development of the prodigiously power, and more worthy of the practice has been proved as a successful initiative. All in one pc with a strong vitality, is gradually sought after by people.    

Advantages   Compared to the traditional desktop computer, All in One PC design is more consistent with modern urban living environment and aesthetic demands. Now a lot of all in one pc has been integrated TV, and it can replace the TV as one multi-media center.Allinone pc has more portability than normal desktop,but not as the laptop.Compared with ordinary desktop computers, they take up less space, power, mute and other benefits; secondly,there is a greater use of space by industrial design to design a particularly beautiful product. All-in-one pc’s size and appearence just fits consumer’s aesthetic balance,for its Simple appearance and good process design,as compared with traditional desktop computers with unparalleled convenience advantages, beautiful appearance, strong sense of fashion, small space, not with the headache of the traditional desktop PC behind a pile of “entangled” in the Types of wire.  

Weak Point   All in one pc still some way to go in one product because it involves the cooling , manufacturing process and other reasons, and hard to be with high-profile and high-power models,the other, We use the old computer for a longer time and have the basic shape, a deep understanding ,if want to change the mindset of people.   Upgrading: Upgrade is a problem, how to enhance all in one pc scalability is a manufacturing company who should consider the problem of how to ensure that allinone for some time, however, it needs manufacturers to indeed to do something in the hardware configuration .Solution: 1, needs to consider multiple user groups to provide more configuration options; 2, the hardware layout design, consider the future upgrade, easy to upgrade;   Maintenance: all in one pc should be with the professional maintenance,so be sure to consider the manufacturer’s service matters.  

Market Prospects   At present, All in one pc is just survial in the gap market of the desktop computer and laptop, but its’s future will be forced open so that the gap is growing.   All in one pc market capacity in 2009 exceeded 150 million units, and nearly 80% of the consumer showed strong interest, and in 2010, All in one pc will account for the current PC market 10%, compared to 2% of its current market share, it will show explosive growth..   Although if all in one pc wants to be form to keep pace with confidential truly desktop computer  and laptop PC,it takes some time before maturity, but the industry’s prospects for its future with optimism is evident. In particular, it can not be ignored in the traditional PC vendors, driven by strong, like dipu electronics to enter as non-traditional PC vendors to join the industry,also using its own resources, technical advantages of the development of all in one pc positive effect, which all in one is with the different development direction and potential compared to the desktop pc. All in one PC market blowout is not a temporary phenomenon, in the increasingly diverse demands of PC rational and market trends, so we’ll see the allinone pc will share the pc market in the future with the desktop and notebook PC.

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