Xbox’s Games with Gold has one perk over storefront sales at retailers and it’s the awesome deals. If you don’t care about owning physical copies, it’s a well-known fact you can often find better deals online. If you’re looking to save a little extra cash on Xbox One games, utilize that Xbox Live Gold membership and get in on some of the best Games with Gold deals available now.

Free games with Gold

‘Overcooked!’ (Free, 10/1 – 10/31)

Perfect for cooperative play with your culinary-minded friends, Overcooked! is an adorable and frenetic take on food service that tasks you with quickly serving a variety of meals in bizarre scenarios. You’ve heard of food trucks, but usually, those trucks are parked before the food is served to hungry customers. If you find yourself really enjoying Overcooked!, a sequel is available now on Xbox One, as well.

‘Stuntman: Ignition’ (Free, 10/1 – 10/15)

Forza Horizon 4 gives you the chance to race across the English countryside in October, but if you’re looking for something a little more over-the-top, you can snag Stuntman: Ignition for free until October 15. The backward-compatible Xbox 360 game puts you behind the wheel (and handlebars) of a stuntman for Hollywood who must perform outrageously dangerous jumps in order to make the ultimate films.

‘Livelock’ (Free, 9/19 – 10/15)

In need of a Diablo-like action RPG and in the mood for some twin-stick shooting? Livelock just might be your next addiction. The cooperative shooter features three playable classes as well as a story mode and challenging Survival Mode, and its ultra-powerful weapons feel like they were ripped out of a classic ’90s shoot-’em-up game.

Deals with Gold (expires 10/9)

In addition to the free games you receive with an Xbox Live Gold membership, you also get access to special discounts on a variety of other games. Here are some of the best Deals with Gold available right now.

Other deals and Sales (Expires 10/9)

Get an acclaimed new game for cheap

Dead Cells is being hailed as one of the best rogue-lite games of all time, with crisp and satisfying combat mixed with a progression loop that sucks you in and won’t let go until you’ve finally beaten it. Its pixel art style isn’t limiting, either, but instead offers a sophisticated take on the graphics made famous in the ’90s. It’s usually pretty pricey at $25, but this week you can purchase it for just $20. If you’re still not sold and would like to know more about this Metroidvania game, check out our Dead Cells hands on.

Start a thriving business and become a hero

You ever wonder what the life of a video game shopkeeper is like? What do they do after the store closes down for the night? In Moonlighter, you get to take on the role of a shopkeeper who sells wares by day, and turns into a fantasy hero at night. During your time in the shop, you’ll have to watch out for thieves, and dangerous enemies are located behind the portals located throughout town. Normally $20, it’s currently on sale for $15.

Feel the power in ‘The Surge’

While we wait for From Software to finish development on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, The Surge is here to fill the Souls-like void left in our hearts. Set in a near-future dystopia where corporations have gained even more control, you play as a paraplegic employee given the chance to walk with a special exosuit — just in time for everyone to lose their minds and begin attacking you! The $40 game is on sale this week for just $10.

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