On Friday night, some MoviePass users encountered a problem that prevented them from accessing the service. The company quickly confirmed that it was aware of the problem and said it would issue refunds to customers who paid for tickets out of pocket.

Unfourantely, the company’s solution failed to satisfy all of their customers. Frustrated users took to Twitter to complain about the issue and said that MoviePass’ reputation for poor customer service made it unlikely that any such refunds would be issued.

Regardless of how quickly the company handles the refunds, it still reflects poorly on MoviePass which is facing a bit of an image problem due to recent changes in its service such as peak pricing and going back and forth on rather or not it would keep the popular one-movie-a-day model. Eventually, the company announced that the one-movie-a-day plan was here to stay.

Perhaps worst of all for MoviePass was the timing of this service outage. The incident occurred on the release day of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp forcing some users to pay out of pocket for one of the summer’s most anticipated blockbusters. On Twitter, a handful of users questioned rather or not this outage was truly an accident. While there is no evidence to suggest that this was anything more than an accident, it does highlight MoviePass’s declining reputation among theater-goers.

Despite these issues, MoviePass remains a popular option for many movie-goers and the company’s subscription model has even prompted AMC to roll out a similar, albeit more expensive, service to compete with MoviePass.

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