Say, you are in need of a new laptop? You are out in market looking for a new laptop, or searching for the one on websites like Amazon India, Flipkart or Paytm Mall. Well, if you can stop looking if your budget is around Rs 40,000 or higher. As part of the current online shopping fests, Amazon India, Flipkart and Paytm Mall are selling the 13-inch MacBook Air at an effective price of around Rs 40,000. This is a stupendously good price for a laptop that is one of the best ever made.

The finer details of the MacBook Air deal on these three sites differ, but effectively the price is similar. we will discuss the deals in a while, but before that let’s quickly tell you why the MacBook Air 13-inch remains one of the best laptops in the market irrespective of its price. It is a great laptop at a price of Rs 60,000. It is just unbeatable at Rs 40,000.

— The MacBook Air is one the best designed laptops ever. It is small and light enough to go into a regular backpack and you can chug it along with you all-day without thinking that it is weighing you down or slowing you. The design, yes that classic wedge-shape, also ensures that you can even carry the Air all day in your hands, or prop it up in tight spaces — even those tight economy-class seats — to work on it.

— The MacBook Air runs mostly cool and silent. The aluminium-body design is very attractive.

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— The MacBook Air has pretty neat hardware. It uses a fast Core i5 processor and has 8GB RAM. The SSD in it makes all the difference in the speed, even though storage is limited to 128GB in the entry-level variant. The 13-inch screen is big enough and although it is not “retina display”, it is still one of the best in its class.

— But in a laptop, it’s not the hardware that matters. Instead what you want is a great design, great keyboard, and great touchpad. On all counts, the MacBook Air delivers. It even has a great battery life, due to optimised macOS, and offers a battery life of over 10 hours.

So the deals… Well, here is what you are getting nowadays on MacBook Air.

Around Rs 40,000 on Amazon India

On Amazon India, the latest version of the MacBook Air is selling for Rs 44,990. This is after the flat discount and this in itself is one of the best prices we have seen on the MacBook Air. But then there is more. If you use a HDFC credit or debit card, you instantly get a discount of Rs 4,990. This makes the effective price of the laptop Rs 40,000. Then, if you also want to trade in your old laptop, you can get additional discount. The maximum that Amazon is offering for exchange is Rs 15,520 but that is the best case scenario. Usually, it will be between Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000.

Around Rs 42,000 on Flipkart

The deal for the MacBook Air is similar on Flipkart. Here the effective price of the laptop today is Rs 47,990. But then if you use an SBI credit or debit card, you end up getting a discount of additional 10 per cent that makes the effective price around Rs 42,000. Flipkart too offers the exchange options for the MacBook Air. So you can try them too for additional discounts.

Around Rs 43,000 on Paytm Mall

On Paytm Mall, the price of the MacBook Air 13-inch is Rs 57,995. But that is before you apply discounts. There are several available. There is cashback of Rs 14,000 and Rs 10,000 that is available on the MacBook Air on Paytm Mall. Applying Rs 14000 offer makes the price of the Air around Rs 43,000. But there is a catch here. The cashback goes to the Paytm Mall wallet, which means you don’t actually get the “cash” back.

If you want an instant discount, then on Paytm Mall, you will have to go via the app. On the app, the MacBook Air is available for a flat discount of additional Rs 10,000 that makes the effective price Rs 47,995. Also, on website as well as app, you get additional 5 per cent discount (maximum Rs 1500) if you use an ICICI credit or debit card.

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