Lyft is launching upfront fares so that passengers won’t get any surprises once the ride ends. Although Lyft had previously offered fare estimates, you’ll now be able to know exactly how much you’ll have to pay. The feature was previously available for Lyft Line riders.

To get the upfront fare, all you have to do is put in your final destination. If you decide along the way that you want to go somewhere else, updating your destination in the app will update the fare. The total price you’ll see will include all fees, taxes, tolls, Prime Time and promotions.

Uber, which launched upfront fares in June, has received some flack for this because, over time, it started to obscure how much passengers were paying for surge pricing. With Lyft, while it won’t be immediately clear how much you’re paying for Prime Time, Lyft says you will be able to see the breakdown of the total fare in your receipt.

In October, a study came out suggesting that Uber and Lyft drivers respectively discriminate against passengers. The National Bureau of Economic Research found that black people have to wait longer for rides in Seattle. The researchers ultimately recommended, among other things, that Uber and Lyft implement upfront fares.

Uber had already done that, but Lyft did not until now. Lyft says the update has nothing to do with the recommendations from the NBER.

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