It is already known that the pre-booking for JioPhone, which is a virtually free phone from Reliance Jio, will start from August 24 that is tomorrow. But now there are some additional details available about it. Jio has said that the pre-booking of the JioPhone will start from 5PM in evening on August 24. Also, the pre-booking will be accepted at three places: the Jio website, the Jio retailers and on MyJio app.

But along with this information, there is a bit of surprise as well in the details that have been revealed by Jio. The company says that while pre-booking the JioPhone, consumers will have to pay a fee of Rs 500. Wait what? Wasn’t the JioPhone a free phone? Well, it was and it continues to be effectively free. Jio says that the Rs 500 that consumers pay while pre-booking the phone will be adjusted in the refundable fee of Rs 1500 that people will have to pay while they are taking delivery of the JioPhone.

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In other words, when you pre-book the Jio phone tomorrow, you will pay Rs 500 and then you will another Rs 1000 when you take the delivery of the JioPhone in September. In total you will pay Rs 1500, which will be refunded in case you decide to give back the phone to Jio.

In addition to Rs 1500, consumers will also have to subscribe to the a Jio plan along with the JioPhone. The monthly plans for the JioPhone will have a starting price of Rs 153. Even the cheapest plan will offer unlimited data and voice calls, although there will be a daily limit on data at 4G speeds.

“The pre-booking can be done against a pre-booking amount of Rs 500, which will be adjusted against the fully refundable, one-time, security deposit at the time of delivery. The balance Rs 1000 towards security deposit needs to be paid at the time of delivery of the device. A JioPhone user can use the JioPhone for 36 months, and can get a full refund of the security deposit of Rs. 1,500 by returning the used JioPhone,” Jio noted in a statement released to media.

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The JioPhone is an intriguing device that was announced a few weeks ago by Reliance chairman Mukesh Ambani. The plan, according to him, is to make high-speed network more affordable by giving away a phone for effectively free. Although the JioPhone is a feature phone, with a physical keyboard and a small screen, it has smartphone like features. Users will be able to access some of its features using voice commands and they will be able to surf the web on it.

There is a lot of interest in the phone and that is probably the reason why Jio has decided to ask for the token fee of Rs 500 when people are booking the device. The token fee, the company must be hoping, will deter non-serious users and will help people who genuinely want JioPhone get one. Jio said that when the deliveries for the JioPhone start in September it will be distributed on the basis of first-come-fir-serve. In other words, people who pre-book the phone tomorrow at the earliest will have better chance of getting one.

How much JioPhone will actually cost: Watch this video below


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