This is an age-old debate: An Android phone or the iPhone? Okay, not age-old. But almost a decade old with Android devices and the iPhone slugging it out in the market for the hearts and wallets of people. But now in 2017, this is also a debate that is pointless. The phones from both camps, from Apple’s camp and from Google Android camp, have become so good that it rarely matters which one you pick. That is until you bring the iPhone X, which was launched in India just last month, into the picture. Now that iPhone X is here, the Android phones are again on a sort of back-foot.

The reason is simple: the iPhone X is a fantastic smartphone, more or less. Yes, it has some issues but then what phone doesn’t have them. There is no perfect phone. But the iPhone X would be for most the best phone they have used. And I say that as someone who has never used an iPhone as my daily driver. I have used it for months as part of review, but I have always carried an Android phone since 2010.

Yet, the iPhone X is tempting. And here are 5 reasons why I feel it can tempt even the most hardware Android users.

It’s gorgeous

Most people believe that design and sleek looks are banal reasons to buy something. But it has merits. The good design, which appeals to you, can actually make using a smartphone for fun and fulfilling. It also gives you the feeling that you own a phone that is special, unique. And right now there is nothing more unique in the smartphone industry than the iPhone X as far as good design is concerned. There are some phones that have precious metals or jewels in them. But they are gaudy, When it comes to good taste, the iPhone X is the one that stands out.

It is a mix of a design that looks fantastic, is user-friendly (yes, even with that screen notch), and has that something special that makes the phone look expensive and special even in front of the devices like the Pixel 2 XL, iPhone 8 Plus and the Galaxy S8. The stainless steel frame of the iPhone of the iPhone X goes well with its glass structure and even the chrome finish that will otherwise may look garish most of the time looks pretty nice on the iPhone.

Basically, chances are that when you the iPhone X alongside any other phone, even other iPhone, you will want to pick. The design that speaks to a person’s heart matters, and with the iPhone X Apple gets its absolutely right as far as most consumers are concerned.

And its screen is fabulous

The screen of the iPhone X — yes, despite that notch — is my favourite part about the phone. It’s bright. It looks expansive due to bigger 5.8-inch size and almost edge-to-edge display. But more than everything else it is the colours that the screen shows, which make it the absolute best. In fact, it looks like the image is rendered on the phone. Or painted. It’s just so life-like. It’s difficult to describe. All I can say is that you walk into an Apple and look at the iPhone X screen.

And it’s not just the subjective bit. Even the DisplayMate, an agency that tests displays calls the iPhone X display the best ever it is seen in a phone. Some of this is because the iphone X display is using OLED panel, which is better as we have seen on the Samsung phones. But I think the main factor that makes the screen of the iPhone X so good is its colour calibration and brilliant colours it shows due to the TrueTone feature that Apple offers for the iPhone X.

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And no, there is no Android phone that has such a good screen, although phones like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 come close.

Great hardware, fast performance

Actually, this is more subjective than it ideally should be. And it is also one of those areas where I believe Android phone users don’t have to be jealous of the iPhone users. Theoretically, the processor in the iPhone is much faster. It has been like that since Apple announced the A7 processor a few years ago. Now, there is A11 Bionic processor powering the iPhone X and in benchmarks it is really fast. Yet, until this year I always felt the good Android phones like the OnePlus 5 and Google Pixel to be more responsive. This was because the iOS animations were slow and too heavy. In the iOS 11, Apple has tweaked animations. The result is that the iPhone X feels very responsive and fast.

I will say that it is still one area where phones like the Pixel 2 XL and the iPhone X are neck-to-neck. On a separate note, the Pixel 2 XL is slightly better in photography compared to Apple’s latest and greatest. But because you also get (still) flashier animations and the extremely smooth software with the iPhone X, you will like how fast and nice it feels while you browse something on it, or scroll through the photos and click a few images quickly. Just to recall, the iPhone X has 3GB RAM and the its base variant 64GB internal storage.

Quick updates and international warranty

Unless you buy a Pixel phone, you won’t get quick software updates. The iPhone X in contrast always get fast updates. It will also be upgraded for at least 2 years (possibly 3 years), which is similar to what the latest Pixel 2 XL will also get. But if you compare it with other Android phones, you will see that the update scene is just so much better with the iPhone.

And starting with the iPhones this year, you also get internationally warranty. So you can buy your iPhone in the US and get it serviced in India, if it is under warranty. Although, Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL on the other hand come with 2 years of warranty so this point is kind 50-50.

Futuristic, fun to use with Face ID and Animojis

This too is like the design. Not everyone will see the value of the fun features, but most of regular users will. The Face ID, although slower than the Touch ID or a fingerprint sensor on a good Android phone, is so futuristic. It feels great to use it to unlock the phone. It is also little special, at least until other phones catch up with the iPhone X and also come with similar feature. And then there is the Animoji feature, which is so fun. It is like the live and animated messaging directly lifted from the Harry Potter world. It is magical to record your own personalised animojis, which mimic your expressions and tone. For now there is nothing like it on Android phones.

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