If you do online shopping you must have heard that there is a new sale on Amazon. It’s called the Amazon Prime Day sale and it is available only to Prime members. So far we have seen a number of deals as part of the Prime Day sale, although not all of them are blockbuster deals. But there are some, which are pretty good. And the deals on the iPhones are such good deals.

According to Amazon India, the iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S and the iPhone SE are available at the following discounted prices.

iPhone 5S (16 GB):  15,999

iPhone SE (16 GB): 19,999

iPhone 6 (32GB): 24,999

iPhone 6S (32 GB): 34,999

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iPhone 7 (32 GB): 42,999

iPhone 7 (128 GB): 53,999

But this is not all. There is further discount on these phones if you happen to have a HDFC Bank card, which a lot of people have. If you don’t have it, look around you. You will see a friend or family member with an HDFC Bank card. So if you use that card to make the purchase you get an additional discount of 15 per cent through cashback, limited to the maximum discount of Rs 2,000. Now given that even the cheapest phone — iPhone 5S — has a price of Rs 15,999 the additional discount on each iPhone — irrespective of whichever you buy — turns out to be Rs 2,000.

In other words, you can get the following prices:

iPhone 5S (16 GB):  13,999

iPhone SE (16 GB): 17,999

iPhone 6 (32GB): 22,999

iPhone 6S (32 GB): 32,999

iPhone 7 (32 GB): 40,999

iPhone 7 (128 GB): 51,999

Now, that makes the deal even sweater, no?

By the way the similar discounts, complete with the 15 per cent cashback through HDFC Bank cards, is also available on many other smartphones and gadgets. In other words, although not all Amazon Prime Day deals look great, depending on what you are eying and whether you have access to a HDFC card or not, some of them seem quite tempting.

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