Hampton Products International has always been known for making great locks — the company’s very first product was a weatherproof padlock designed by founder Dale Hampton in Denver circa 1973. So it makes sense that the California-based lock and security hardware manufacturer is entering the smart home market with a new lock that is as functional as it is stylish.

Hampton announced that its new Array by Hampton Connected Door Lock is available for purchase by consumers at a whole bunch of ACE Hardware stores nationwide, as well as on its website at ArrayLock.com and the Ace Hardware online store. Hampton doesn’t list a price in its release; however, the device was reported to retail for $249 when it was unveiled at CES 2018.

The company says the new smart lock is the result of four years of consumer research, product development, and innovations in battery and solar power performance.

One of the more attractive features of the Array smart lock is its simplicity. The “smart” part of the security product is powered by a free-to-download app that can quickly create e-keys and e-codes and monitor door usage. Naturally, data passed between the smart device app, the cloud service, and the lock is encrypted and owners can also use two-step authentication to ensure confidentiality.

Old-school types who simply want to spend a little more to lock up their gear can enjoy all the ease of a traditional home door lock. The device doesn’t require a secondary hub or batteries, and users can unlock the device using a traditional key, as well as a code entered into a sleek and hidden backlit keypad. The lock doesn’t even require a bunch of complicated IKEA-style tools; Hampton reports that after viewing a 4-minute instructional video, most users should be able to replace an existing deadbolt lock using only a screwdriver.

The new connected door lock also comes with two custom rechargeable and replaceable lithium polymer batteries, as well as an integrated solar panel that’s designed to augment and supplement battery recharging. The lock is currently available in two different aesthetic styles, each of which can be had in polished chrome, satin nickel, and Tuscan bronze.

“We’re putting our corporate name, Hampton, on this product because the Array By Hampton ecosystem represents a new standard in connected home security locks, cameras, lighting, and other devices — high-quality security products all controlled from a single mobile app,” said Kim Kelley, president of Hampton Products, in a release. “We know that security starts at the front door with a quality lock, and our Connected Door Lock is the flagship product in our new line.”

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