GoPro just issued a press release announcing the recall of the Karma drone. It just happened to be while the United States is watching the election results roll in. The press release is below. Customers can view return instuctions here.

The Karma drone was on the market for 16 days and GoPro says it sold 2,500 drones thus far. All of them are recalled.

GoPro says a power lose malfunction is the reason for the recall though it won’t say how many experienced this error. We found several incidences where consumers experienced irregular behavior by their Karma but it’s hard to say the exact cause was power malfunctions.

Coincidently, I published our Karma review this morning after spending a couple weeks with the device. I found it a capable, predictable, but dated drone. The Karma is a great drone on its own, but lacks the latest features found in competitive drones.

This couldn’t have came at a worse time for GoPro. Last week, the company announced it missed revenue expectations by 23% in its latest quarterly earnings. This caused the stock to free fall in after-hour trading. Likewise, word about this recall caused the stock price to drop nearly 8% in after-hour trading.

More as we get it.

GoPro Announces Karma Recall and Refund Program


~2500 Units To Be Recalled

Consumers Who Have Purchased Karma

Can Return It for Immediate Refund


SAN MATEO, CA – NOVEMBER 8, 2016 — GoPro Inc. today announced the recall of the approximately 2500 Karma drones purchased by consumers since October 23.  The recall was announced after GoPro discovered that in a very small number of cases, Karma units lost power during operation.  No related injuries or property damage have been reported.


Owners of Karma can return their units to GoPro, or their place of purchase, for a full refund.  Replacement units are not being offered.  GoPro plans to resume shipment of Karma as soon as the issue is resolved.

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