When you also happen to be the wealthiest person on the planet, you can take the Christmas gift giving thing to an entirely new level. Microsoft mogul Bill Gates has taken part in the Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange since 2013, and this year he once again took part and did indeed make someone’s day.

The recipient of Gate’s generosity this year was a Reddit user who goes by Aerrix (her real name is Alicia). Her Reddit Gifts profile reads, “I’m a 30 year old female who loves all things Internet and video games! I absolutely love the Legend of Zelda series and everything Mario, I just love Nintendo in general. I also LOVE the The Little Mermaid, Harry Potter, League of Legends … video games!!”

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Here’s how it went down. On Friday morning she was off to do a return at Target. She came back to a “We Missed You” note on the door from FedEx. She called them up to reschedule a delivery. They popped over and gave her a large box. She decided to open it right up and immediately went bananas, calling her husband at work to say, “BILL GATES WAS MY FREAKIN’ SANTA.”

Upon diving into the delivery box, she found items like an Xbox One and NES Classic. WALB News says the box was also “full of video game swag and includes a pair of Zelda mittens, a matching set for her dog, a sword and a Zelda picture frame with a Photoshopped picture of Gates and Aerrix inside.”

Aerrix concluded her Reddit Gifts thank-you rave with this thought, and we present it completely unedited: “Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much Mr. Gates! I’ll never EVAR forget this Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D”

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