The 3D animation is an animation technique in the digital equivalent volume animation in a virtual world. 3D animations are complex artistic works on which it control multiple processes. The illusion is shaped around the creation of a universe and characters both surprising . Behind the power of computers and software, the incredible human ingenuity to permit access to a dream: giving life to a rather abstract field of technology  and develop stories without limitation to the imagination, this is why limiting the universe of 3D to a simplistic view would be a mistake.
The evolution of digital image has revolutionized the fields of entertainment and spectacle. Animation, video games, movies, advertising … the 3D images pervade our daily vision. The production of animation knows recent years a considerable increase causing the virtual disappearance of traditional animation, so breaking the hegemony of the Disney Studios in the field of mainstream cinema: animated films may be found in the Limelight (Toy Story in 1995, Shrek 1 in 2002, Monsters, Inc. in 2001, Nemo in 2003 …).
The 3D animation is also used in the medical field. The outcome of reviews of scanners or magnetic resonance imaging may be presented in 3D for easy understanding. The raw data used to calculate 3D animation. The doctor may also make a virtual tour of the organ studied. The use of 3D is new because it requires high computing power.
The teaching of science and technology also uses 3D animation to visualize phenomena that are difficult to film, such as the shape and movement of atoms or molecules, the rapid physical or chemical reactions, the movement of heavenly bodies, etc.

If you are interested to become an animator, you will need a great 3d animation program, and the best 3d animation program That worked  for me Is the Illusion Mage Program

that helped me to create pixar-like animation .

Source by Max Clayne