Whether it’s keeping your cell phone protected or exploiting its capabilities to the maximum, cell phone accessories provide a multitude of extended services, some of which are almost indispensible. Cell phone cases have two features. First of all, they protect the phone from the elements – keeping moisture as well as dirt and dust out of your precious communication device. A hard plastic cover also provides a certain amount of impact resistance and protects the phone from scratches and stains. Your cell phone is probably the most overused gadget you own, and so a little protection will certainly go a long way in keeping it as fit as when you purchased it.

Besides the protection that a cell phone case offers, it can also add color and style to the cell phone. Personalize your phone with designs and patterns that represent you. Cell phone charms, cell phone faceplates, bling kits and custom keypads are trendy additions to the look and feel of your cell phone. These are easy, do-it-yourself style options for almost every cell phone available. Customization means allowing your personality to extend to your cell phone. Whether you follow the seasons change or just need a new color or pattern to match your mood, personalized phones can make all the difference.

Certain accessories like headsets, data cables and cell phone antennae add a whole set of new features. These improve various aspects of cell phone usage. Antennae help in sound quality, particularly when cell phone signal strength is low in areas of poor reception. Chargers and battery provide the juice that keeps the phones going. Cell phone batteries are rechargeable, but have a fixed lifetime and a fixed number of recharges. Data cables enhance features, especially of newer smart phones, blurring the lines between cell phones and computers.

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Source by Dr. Mohan Dewan