Apple is surely going to some strange waters nowadays. On Thursday it announced the new MacBook Pro laptops. The 3 new MacBooks are quite amazing as far as the design and feature sets are concerned. And although they are expensive, they are also without doubt the best general-purpose laptops the market is scene. But there is one strange bit about them. Out of the box, they are compatible with Google’s Pixel phones, or for that matter many other Android phones. But not with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

Reason? This has to do with Apple’s strange decision to use only the USB C ports in the new MecBook Pro laptops. There are just no USB ports to which an iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus user can connect the phone. So if you have an iPhone 7 and get the MacBook Pro, you will also have to buy an adapter so that you can connect the phone to the laptop using a cable. Although, if both the MacBook Pro and the iPhone 7 are on the same Wi-Fi network, you will be able sync them. Similarly, iCloud will also help you transfer data from one device to other.

On the other hand, if you have the Google Pixel phone, you will be able to connect that phone to the new MacBook Pro because the Pixel also uses the same USB C port. This creates an unsavoury situation for Apple where two of its latest gadgets don’t play nice with each other even as the product from its arch enemy in the market is fully compatible with the latest and greatest laptop it has ever made.

But it also seems that this is a temporary problem. Or at least that will get fixed next year. The latest MacBooks from Apple hint the company has decided that the USB C is the port of the future and it is possible that in the next iPhone the Lightning Port may get the boot and get replaced by the USB C. If that happens, it will also be a big help for the iPhone users as it will mean that for the first time the iPhone will have the same port that most other Android phones will also be using. And this means, finally there will be standard port for charging, which would be super useful because people will be able to charge laptops, MacBooks, iPhones and Androids with possibly single charger.

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