Even as Cupertino major Apple unveiled to the world its new innovation in portable computing, in the face of the new MacBook Pro, the company has silently increased the MacBook price in India by as much as Rs 10,000. The Apple India website has been updated to reflect the new prices, some of which make the MacBook a wee bit more expensive to buy in the country. India is already among the most expensive countries in the world to buy the iPhone, just so you know.

The company has broadly raised prices of two MacBook models. While the 12-inch MacBook now starts at Rs 1,12,900 (up by Rs 6,000), the MacBook variant with a faster processor and double the SSD storage now sells at Rs 1,29,990 (up by Rs 10,000). Interestingly, prices of all other Mac desktops and laptops stay untouched. Also, the price rise seems to be an India-only affair as the US price of these laptops still remains unchanged.

Having said that, these are maximum retail prices and are therefore subject to change depending on where you buy the product from.
The MacBook is available in Rose Gold, Space Grey, Gold, and Silver variants. With the 11-inch MacBook Air out of the picture, the MacBook is the smallest portable laptop that Apple has to offer at this point of time.
Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Pro will sell for Rs 1,29,900, the 13-inch Pro with Touch Bar for Rs 1,55,900 and the top-end 15-inch Pro for Rs 2,05,900 in India.

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