After years of being a rumoured product, the Nokia 9 PureView cold finally see the light of day, if the device that passed China’s 3C certification is indeed the illusive device.

Alleged Nokia 9 PureView passes China's 3C certification, launch...


  • Nokia 9 Pureview could launch during MWC 2019
  • Nokia 9 PureView is rumoured to sport 5 rear cameras
  • Nokioa 9 Pureview has been rumoured since 2017

The Nokia 9 has been the subject of relentless rumours of over two years now. We first heard rumours of the phone back in 2017, and as the years have passed, the rumours just keep coming. In the last few months, rumours of an upcoming Nokia 9 have been gaining some credibility though, with leaks of purported cases and what not. Now, it would seem that the Nokia 9 might have an actual launch date.

HMD Global owned Nokia has announced their event for 24th February during the Mobile World Congress days. Incidentally, a phone with the product code TA-1094 has passed China’s 3C certification process, leading many to believe that this is the Nokia 9, and it could be announced at MWC 2019. However, we do strongly urge some caution as we know that when Nokia launches a phone in China, it may or may not come to international markets right after. The listing says that the phone will be accompanied by an 18watt fast charger, but nothing else. There are no details on the specifications or even the design of the phone.

What we do know, and can naturally expect, is for the phone to sport Zeiss Optics, given that the two companies renewed their partnership last year. A case that leaked earlier showed 7 holes on the back, 5 presumably for the 5 cameras, one for the flash and the seventh hole for an optical sensor. What we can speculate is that the Nokia 9 could come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which would make sense given that flagship devices should sport flagship specs, but given how long there have been rumours around this phone, it is possible that the prototyping concluded before the Snapdragon 855 was made available to OEMs. Hence, it could potentially just end up coming with a Snapdragon 845. Almost all rumours point to the phone featuring the Snapdragon 845, possibly mated with 6GB of RAM. Rumours also suggest that the Nokia 9 could rock a QHD display. It might also sport a hefty battery.

Rumours of this nature regarding the announcement of the Nokia 9 have come up before, especially around major international events like MWC and even Nokia’s own global product launches, so we would suggest taking this one with a pinch (or two) of salt.

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