Apple iPhone SE for Rs 19,999? Yes, that is what the selling price is now in many Apple-authorised stores after some dealer-led price cuts and a cashback of Rs 5000 if you use a debit or credit card for purchase. This is also the price that you won’t find online. Call it offline exclusive, which is actually better as more people can check out the offer.

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But the key question is whether this offer makes sense or not. And to keep it short, the answer from India Today Tech is that it does. Although the iPhone SE is one year old phone, it is actually a pretty good phone. When it launched, it was surely overpriced. But now, with its new selling price, it seems so much better. In particularly, if you are looking for reasons to get the iPhone SE, here are 5:

  1. The iPhone SE is a fast phone. And that is because of the processor inside it and the software that powers it. Although the A9 processor, which powers the iPhone SE came out in 2015 with the iPhone 6S, this is a very capable chip. And given the optimisation that Apple can manage with the iOS due to its control of the both software and hardware in its phones, the A9 runs the iPhone SE well enough. In terms of speed the iPhone SE is definitely comparable to most of its Android peers, although it may not match the likes of the OnePlus 3, which are more expensive phones.

  2. Just like the processor, the camera in the iPhone SE is also the one from 2015. But this 12-megapixel camera is pretty good. In fact, it would be the best camera under Rs 20,000, with the Moto G5 Plus close behind. For video, complete with the slow modes and lag-free footage, the iPhone SE is particularly good in its class.

  3. There is no doubt that in the under Rs 20,000 price bracket the iPhone SE is the most premium looking phone. Its sleek metal body with clean lines has a timeless design, and just like all other Apple phones this one too has a construction quality that is top notch. There is no shabbiness in this phone when it comes to fit, finish and polish.

  4. There is something unique about the brand Apple. No, I am not talking about that shiny bitten Apple that adorns all iPhones. It is the aftersales service I am talking about. Although Apple’s aftersales support can be expensive, it is also fuss-free, usually fast and transparent. This is unlike the service that other phone companies provide. If something goes wrong in your phone, you are likely to get better service with Apple compared to any other brand in India.

  5. Finally, there is the software on the iPhone SE. Although I feel Android Nougat is the best mobile operating system right now, there are things that iOS does better. In fact, many people like the consistency of the iOS, even with the version 10. Although, the Android vs iOS is a debate that can never be settled, there is no debate when it comes to providing software updates. The iOS is better here and with the iPhone SE too you will be assured of software updates for at least one more year.

But… there is always a but. Although the iPhone SE is a good phone, not all is hunky dory. Apple calls it a phone that it made for people who don’t like big screens. It is a phone for those who are used to the iPhone 4 and similar other small phones and aren’t updating to newer iPhone because they are too big. Well, the small screen is something that cuts both ways.

1. If you are looking for a reason to not get the iPhone SE, that reason is its small screen. For some people, small screens are better. May be. But for most people, they are not. Even the Apple fans who would swear by the 4-inch smartphones earlier will find it difficult to go back to a small phone now that they have used something like iPhone 6 or the iPhone 7 Plus, which is actually a proverbial giant. The small 4-inch screen is good for only those people who use the iPhone for mostly calls. Or SMS. If you read stuff on it, use social media, browse web, read emails, play games, watch videos or do anything that you will like to do on a good quality smartphone, the 4-inch screen of the iPhone SE is too small, even if it is a fantastic screen with great brightness and colours. In the same price, the Android phones offer more usable screens.

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